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Shaws Wood looks to provide person centered care. Our philosophy is to fully understand each person individually, looking at key areas to best plan, inform, and continue to help those entrusted to our care to live a fulfilling life.


Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

In 2006/2007 my Grandmother was diagnosed with mild dementia, she had lived in the same house for around 70 years, always strongly asserting her intent to stay until the end. Unfortunately, with a diagnosis of mild dementia reluctantly, the decision was made by the family to look for a care home.

At this time Dementia was a fairly new term and not as we find today highlighted in government policy and the media. We found that because of the ‘dementia’ diagnosis my Grandmother struggled to find a home that she could move into. Residential Homes wouldn’t offer her a place and nursing wasn’t suitable. My Grandmother could communicate and could live in a community, she was forgetful and found herself confused living alone, however, having dementia appeared to considerably limit her options.

I understand the difficulties and the decision making process involved in reluctantly, moving our family members into residential care and so after visiting my Grandmother on Boxing Day back in 2008, and in remembering the disappointment that I felt with her circumstances I felt compelled to make a change and to make a difference to people’s lives.

Shaws Wood was opened in 2010, it was, and is my hope to offer a fulfilling life to those who can no longer look after themselves, but still in a homely environment. We look to bring the local community into our loved ones and as far as possible provide a setting that is a home from home. We welcome those from all walks of life and all faith or no faith backgrounds. As a Christian myself the home has a Christian ethos and encourages residents to fulfill their spiritual needs, if they so wish. We have strong connections to the local churches and hold regular services and communion. We have a ‘Shaws Wood family’ that ensures there is always someone to talk to or to enjoy a sing along with; ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Staff Group

We pride ourselves on our dedicated, experienced and hard-working staff team. All staff complete a training program that meets regulatory requirements and staff are supported and encouraged to commit to personal development and learning.


Shaws Wood has a strong Christian Ethos as a result of wanting to enable individuals to continue to practice their faith and to bring the church into the homes of those that could no longer attend. As a result we work very closely with the local churches and faith groups to provide worship opportunities for our loved ones. Although primarily a Christian home we do actively welcome those from, all or no faith. Our principle aim, is to care for all, no matter what background, need or disability.

Pastoral Coordinator

Each person’s spiritual needs are different and so we have a Pastoral Care Coordinator who supports our residents. This can be by giving them opportunities to express their faith and share with others or supporting them to maintain relationships with family and friends. We offer music and other creative activities and invite animals to visit the home all of which can help to nurture the spirit.

Life History

When liaising with potential residents and families prior to coming to the home we look to fully understand people’s background and history. This empowers residents to talk about their memories and gives them a chance to contribute and feel involved. This is also beneficial to staff by helping them to understand the residents’ care needs from a much wider perspective. Where possible, the histories are compiled by friends and families and they ideally include testimonials by significant people in residents’ earlier lives.

Family / Newsletter

When a person moves into care, it is often difficult for relationships with their wider family and friends to be maintained so in order to help them to keep in touch, our aim is to maintain contact details for all residents’ children and grand-children. These can then be used for party invitations, newsletters and updates on residents’ social program. We are placing particular emphasis on building relationships with residents’ grand-children (usually in their 20′s/30′s), as residents really value contact with them and this age group are reluctant to visit care facilities. The use of email provides efficient distribution of regular news updates and allows it to be read much more widely (particularly by grand children). We encourage feedback and all comments are welcome.

Friends of Shaws Wood

The Friends of Shaws Wood raise money for the extras in the home, we arrange two special teas per year and arrange for the residents to receive a birthday card and present each year as well as a present and card at Christmas. The Friends runs independently of the home but work with the home when extra items are required. Each year we run a number of fund raising events. If you would like to become involved with the Friends please contact the chairman, Mr Ian Smith c/o of the home


As a Home with a strong Christian ethos, we want residents to know they are loved by God as well as by us, and local church members are encouraged to come in and be-friend residents. Befrienders are introduced to those residents who might not have family or friends locally to visit. Do let us know if you interested in learning more about this.

To keep up with the latest news, information from Shaws Wood, please contact us

Registration and Inspection

Shaws Wood is regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

You may also wish to have a look at our official Statement of Purpose.

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